GDAHE Launches AHG Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell Systems – A Better Power Generator
Column:Company News Time:2019-05-14
More reliable and Lower fuel consumption, compared with established Diesel/gasoline generator. SAVE YOU MONEY!

More reliable and Lower fuel consumption, compared with established Diesel/gasoline generator. SAVE YOU MONEY!

Guangdong, China, May 13, 2019 – Guangdong Aqueous Hydrogen Energy Limited (GDAHE) officially launches the new product - AHGTM Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell Systems.

“AHG” is short for “Aqueous Hydrogen Power Generator”. Aqueous Hydrogen Power Generator is a new kind of power generator compared with solar power and internal combustion engine generators. It is combined with methanol water reformer technology and fuel cell technology.

AHGTM Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell Systems can provide power efficiently, stably and conveniently. It can be used as backup, main supply and emergency power supply for communication, and can directly provide 1~10kW 48VDC communication power supply reliably, safely, environmentally,conveniently. It has following advantages.  
       ❖ Low operating cost

❖ Low maintenance cost

❖ Reliable and stable (unaffected by weather)

❖ Near-silent operation

❖ Remote monitoring and control

❖ Environmentally friendly, extremely efficient

AHGTM systems generally replace diesel/gasoline generators for backup power requirements, a familiar sight when extended duration backup or secondary backup is required. The AHGTM systems use a lower cost and cleaner fuel source than diesel/gasoline, operating on “AH Fuel” (a blend of methanol and water). The environmental benefits of such systems are enormous, and what’s even more incredible, industrial customers can enjoy operational cost savings even while enjoying the substantial environmental upside.

Now AHGTM systems have two kind products, one is the W systems with large built-in fuel tank and up to 10kW output, and the other is the L systems, which covers a smaller area and up to 5kW output.

AHGTM W systems

AHGTM L systems

In AHGTM systems, the new generation of purification system is adopted to be more stable and modular. The new generation of W series air-cooled fuel cell system developed in cooperation with domestic first-line fuel cell stack manufacturers makes the whole system more reliable and affordable, increases the power consumption by 13%, and reduces the energy consumption by 20% compared with the previous generation, and the price has been reduced by 20%. Close to the battery application case. After large-scale production, the price can be the same as that of professional gasoline generators on the market.

GDAHE did a lot of field tests in 5 years. Field tests indicate significant operational savings when operatingAHGTM systems in comparison with diesel/gasoline generators or generator/battery hybrid systems, and this helps to achieve impressive payback periods of just a few years on this technology.

Thomas Xiang, CEO of GDAHE. said, “We are very excited about our new product. Our R&D team has more than 25 years of experience in chemical design and methanol reformer. We have been working on fuel cell backup power systems for 5 years. We expect our   AHGTM system to bring more stable, reliable and affordable backup power to our customers.”

Telcom companies and asset owners gain the added benefit of being better neighbors, essentially eliminating the unpopular diesel/gasoline generator traits of noise, smell, particulate emissions and vibration. They also can save more money from   AHGTM system because of its low operating cost and maintenance cost.

Now A AHGTMsystems are already supporting critical infrastructure in several countries around the Asia Pacific region and India.

Fuel cell systems have long been touted as a way forward for extended duration backup power, but the need to supply hydrogen has been a huge barrier to adoption. Hence the efforts of GDAHE and other fuel cell companies to introduce systems that can work on cheaper, more available fuels. In this regard, especially popular has been a very safe, low-flammability blended methanol fuel (37% water by mass). More importantly, methanol could be produced from local biomass, making this alternative even more attractive, operating on a renewable fuel source.

About Guangdong Aqueous Hydrogen Energy Limited:

Guangdong Aqueous Hydrogen Energy Limited (GDAHE) is  based high-tech hydrogen and fuel cell technology enterprise, specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of hydrogen generator and fuel cell system. With methanol-water reforming hydrogen production technology and fuel cell system technology as the core and Aqueous-Hydrogen integration technology as the foundation, we focus on the R&D, production and sales of electric power products in the field of clean energy in an all-round way. Including telecom backup power, industrial power, Vehicle power, household consumption and so on. 


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